Healthy Tortilla Pizza

In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy a good pizza. Chap supermarket pizza is awful, but cheap homemade pizza is wicked. Here’s another idea for super easy and tasty pizza : )

Ingredients (serves 1, costs £1.90)

  • Tortilla (I keep a pack in the freezer for last minute pizzas and wraps) (20p)
  • tomato ketchup (5p)
  • tomato paste (5p)
  • smoked paprika (5p)
  • dried Italian herbs (5p)
  • pepper (60p)
  • mushrooms (50p)
  • 1/3 ball of mozzarella (40p)



1. Preheat oven to 180C. Mix a squirt of tomato ketchup with tomato puree and a shake of smoked paprika


2. Spread over the tortilla as the base sauce


3. Distribute mushrooms (or veg of choice)


4. Fry up the peppers in some light oil to soften


5. Add to tortilla and top with mozzarella (I let it dry between kitchen towel first)


6. Season with salt, pepper and Italian herbs. Put in the oven for 10-15 minutes



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2 responses to “Healthy Tortilla Pizza

  1. This looks really good! Thanks for the step by step recipe! :)

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