Rice cooker as Slow cooker/crock pot?


I have this rice cooker from Argos which is quite useful when cooking for lots of people (I usually like to make a curry for guests as it suits most people and can be veggie or with meat). But I have seen a few examples on the Internet where rice cooker are used as Slow cookers/crock pots – has anybody had any experience of this? I might try a simple lentil stew and see how that works out.
Any advice or suggestions appreciated 🙂


3 responses to “Rice cooker as Slow cooker/crock pot?

  1. I have this same rice cooker from Cookworks and had often wondered the same thing. However, this rice cooker automatically stops cooking and goes on to the warm setting which I’m unsure is warm enough to slow cook…? I’ve found after a while on the warm setting, my rice is barely warm, certainly not hot! I’d love to know if you have success!

    • Yeah I wondered whether the automatic warm setting would affect the cooking but apparently this is based on water content so you can just adjust the amount you add to the stew or whatever. This is why I’m wondering if anyone has any specific measurements for a recipe. I’ll let you know how the attempt goes : )

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